Gazprom EP International Completes the Project on Electronic Document Management

Gazprom EP International Group has completed its transition from a hard-copy document workflow to digitalization. The project was officially recognized at the 10th International Practical Conference «Electronic Document Management — 2021» and became a finalist of the PRO EDO award «Kontur Diadoc».

The in-house implementation of the electronic document management lasted from March till August 2021. The project fully meets the applicable legislation of the Russian Federation (FZ-63, FZ-476, FZ-122, FZ-184, FZ-149) and the international standards (ISO 9001, ISO/IEC 22301, ISO/IEC 27001). Separately, it should be noted that the principles laid down in the electronic document management fully meet the requirements of the international audit standards — ISO/IEC 17021, ISO 19011 and compliance — ISO 37001, ISO/IEC 37301.

This projects has ensured:

  • the ability to work with automatically processed documents;

  • the ability to control any stage of the workflow;

  • the end-to-end flow of documents regardless of jurisdiction;

  • the implementation of secure gateways for the transfer of legally significant documents to public authorities;

  • the specified level of information security, reliability and accessibility at the level of international standards;

  • the use of the qualified electronic signature by employees.

The digitalization in the Gazprom EP International Group has resulted in over 95% of all documents in soft-copies, and 226 normative documents reviewed.

The Gazprom EP International Group continues to digitally transform as a team of experts is developing new features and technically enhances the electronic systems.
This project has provided Gazprom EP International with a unique wealth of experience in digital transformation of business, efficient development, standardization and streamlining the integrated management system to meet the international standards.


Gazprom EP International is Gazprom’s upstream operator outside the Russian Federation. The Company is headquartered in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. Today, Gazprom EP International operates in ten counties across three continents and is involved in nearly 20 projects of varying magnitude.

While being a global business structure, Gazprom EP International positions itself as a high-tech dynamic company and pays particular attention to streamlining its business-processes.