Gazprom International in Algeria

Africa’s greatest producer and leading exporter of natural gas to Europe, Algeria is of particular interest to Gazprom. A representative office of Gazprom and a branch office of Gazprom International ensure a permanent presence in this North African country.

Gazprom has been implementing the El Assel Project in Algeria since 2000. Gazprom International was the operator of the project during the exploration stage. Two gas-and-oil and two gas-and-condensate fields were discovered based on the results of the studies within the El Assel area.

To date, the regulator has approved a joint development plan for the gas-and-condensate fields (Rourde Sayah and Rhourde Sayah Nord). The fields are being prepared for coming on stream. Production is scheduled to start in 2025. The project is implemented jointly with Sonatrach, the national state-owned oil and gas company of Algeria, in the form of a joint venture.