An integrated system to manage health, safety, and environment
Policy on Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment integrated in the Gazprom EP International B.V. Group Companies (PDF, 197 KB)

The Company has developed and is deploying a Health, Safety, and Environment Integrated Management System (HSE IMS) meeting the requirements of ISO 45001 and ISO 14001.
certificate-of-approval-iso-14001-2015.pdf (PDF, 183 KB) certificate-of-approval-iso-45001-2018.pdf (PDF, 183 KB)

The scope and limits of certifying Gazprom EP International to meet the international HSE standards are as follows:

  1. Gazprom EP International B.V. — Office activities related to managing contractors and investments in oil and gas projects;
  2. The Branch Office of Gazprom EP International Services in Saint Petersburg — Office activities related to consultations on managing contractors and investments in oil and gas projects.
“System Structure — HSE IMS components and processes”