About us

Gazprom International Limited is a Gazprom Group company specializing in the acquisition of attractive oil and gas assets in friendly countries.

Our key area of focus is asset management for the benefit of the Gazprom Group as well as representing its interests before foreign private and state-owned petroleum companies.

The Company is a holding company and, through its subsidiaries, owns 14 petroleum assets in 8 countries along with a pool of promising development assets.

The asset base includes our projects in Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Algeria, Libya, Bolivia and Bangladesh, as well as offshore operations in the North Sea.

Operating in different parts of the world, Gazprom International Limited follows the principles of sustainable development.

The Company has built its reputation on the international standards of corporate responsibility in all of the countries of presence, which is essential for supporting the capital-raising potential and achieving the strategic objectives. This factor benefits the economic and social development of these states and improves the quality of people's lives in the regions of the Company’s operations.