About us

The operator of Gazprom’s E&P projects abroad. Based in Saint Petersburg, Russia, the Corporate Service Center provides advisory support to the companies within the Gazprom EP International B.V. Group.

Our key areas of focus include managing upstream projects; searching, evaluating, and acquiring new petroleum assets in the world’s major oil and gas regions; and representing Gazprom before foreign private and state-owned companies.

We operate in 10 countries across three continents helping the partner nations enhance their economic and energetic potential. Encompassing regions from scorching deserts to boundless seas, the vast geography of operation has endowed us with a wealth of experience in the exploration and production of hydrocarbons. In its projects, the Company gathers hundreds of professionals.

Our experience makes us experts in:

  • All types of exploration activities
  • Drilling onshore & offshore wells
  • Producing, processing, and transporting hydrocarbons
  • Building and upgrading oil & gas facilities
  • Creating power-generating capacities
  • Cultivating the NGV market