Corporate Management

Creating a corporate management system for Gazprom International has to meet universally recognized world standards and seeks to build effective relationships with the Shareholders, managers, investors, and other stakeholders.

Gazprom EP International is governed by:

— The General Shareholder Meeting

— The Supervisory Board

— The Management Board.

General Shareholder Meeting

Convened annually, the General Shareholder Meeting is the supreme governing body of Gazprom International.

Ordinary Shareholders have voting rights in General Shareholder Meetings.

General Shareholder Meetings address priority tasks faced by the Company. The agenda of an annual General Shareholder Meeting includes the approval of year-end financial statements, allocation of profits, appointments or dismissals of Supervisory Board members, modifications to the Company’s Articles of Association, etc.

Supervisory Board

The Supervisory Board exercises supervision of the activities of the Management Board and the Company.

The Supervisory Board defines the Company’s strategy, policy, and philosophy, including the aspects of governing investments and borrowings, risk and property management, etc.; follows up on their implementation; and provides guidelines on operational, financial, tax-related, social, and economic matters.

The General Shareholder Meeting appoints Supervisory Board members with indefinite membership terms.

Management Board

The Management Board of Gazprom International is the collegiate executive body governing the Company. The General Shareholder Meeting appoints Management Board members. The Management Board is composed of Directors A and B. 

The Management Board is led by the Chairman.

The Management Board focuses on the day-to-day management and effective performance of the Company.

Financial Committee

The Financial Committee is a board of experts developing recommendations for cash management in the Group Companies, including matters related to external and internal borrowings. The Financial Committee primarily provides reasoned recommendations on how to manage cash resources and minimize financial risks. The committee focuses on shaping the foundations of external and internal financing for the Group Companies, managing borrowed funds, minimizing credit risks and the tax burden in financing the Group Companies, as well as optimizing the loan portfolio and loan terms.

Technical Committee

The Technical Committee is a standing committee under the Supervisory Board.

The Committee involves experts and analysts supporting the Supervisory Board, who monitor the Company’s operations, update plans, reviews and assists the Supervisory Board in discussing mission-related technical aspects, values, and strategic targets with the Shareholders, as well as advises the Supervisory Board on any other technical matters.