Sustainable development

Integrated Management System

Gazprom International adheres to the principles of sustainable development and continuous performance improvement by implementing and maintaining an integrated system that enables the management of quality, health, safety, and environment (IMS).

These principles are materialized through the achievement of the following strategic targets:

— define clearly the functional relationships between the structural units, systemize the business processes of Gazprom International, and create an effective system to manage a holding company that meets internationally recognized standards;

— comply with all statutory and regulatory requirements for health, safety, and environment, industrial standards and sets of regulations, as well as Gazprom’s applicable requirements;

— enable the identification, assessment, and monitoring of material risks for quality, health, safety, and environment, to which the Company’s staff, contractors, and other stakeholders may be exposed;

— work safely, keep the staff’s physical, mental, and social welfare to a maximum, as well as minimize the adverse effect of the Company’s operations on communities where works are done.

Main objectives of the IMS:

— mainstream a process approach in the Company’s management model to make steady and expected progress;

— achieve a better performance and competitive advantage for the Company by increasing the productivity, effectiveness, and agility of its business processes;

— build an organizational culture that maintains an acceptable level of risks and allows staff and stakeholders to engage in addressing HSE issues;

— be involved in making the regions where Gazprom International operates environmentally safe and secure.