Careers at Gazprom International Limited

Making a career at Gazprom International allows people to show what they’re worth as workers in one of the most valuable and forward-looking industries on a global scale.
For two decades in business, we’ve managed to put together a large multinational team that unites talented and dedicated professionals.
We create an enabling environment that allows gaining unique, hands-on experience from international projects. Rotating among Group units and JVs, staff grows professionally and chooses to remain driven by interesting and ambitious goals and objectives that steer the Company.

Great focus is on personnel training and development. The Company lists human capital among its priority assets.
Gazprom International partners with Gazprom’s flagship universities deploying educational and research programs. Personnel training agreements between Gazprom and its overseas associates provide for systematic efforts that are made to develop and organize research and practical internships for foreign professionals. Every year, dozens of Petrovietnam experts enroll in master's and postgraduate programs at the Gubkin University of Russia and work-exchange programs are provided at the facilities of PVN and Gazprom. The Bolivian partners are dealt with similarly.

The Group incorporates Gazprom International Training, a dedicated company providing training services to staff. Gazprom International Training boasts well-functioning partnerships with international centers for education. Recently, in-house training practices have been extended to external customers, such as Gazprom and Gazprom Neft.
After relocation to St. Petersburg, Gazprom International has become popular as an internship destination for St. Pete’s students. Although non-technical disciplines (such as law, finance, or business development) are much sought after, we try our best to strike a balance towards engineering disciplines and encourage technical students to join us in international projects.