Gazprom International Limited runs a full cycle of operations from hydrocarbon prospecting and production to processing and supply of energy resources to the markets of friendly countries.

The Company’s focal areas include all types of exploration survey; onshore and offshore well delivery; producing and transporting hydrocarbons; designing, building and upgrading oil and gas facilities; creating power-generating capacities; NGV market development; executing service contracts in the oil and gas production sector, cooperation with state-owned companies regarding personnel training and development in the countries of presence.


Over the past twenty-five years, the Company and its partners have conducted comprehensive exploration in Central and South-East Asia, North Africa, Latin America and offshore the North Sea; have discovered and put onstream a number of fields.

—- about 100 delivered wells

—- 10 gas, gas condensate and oil discoveries

—- 384 thousand meters drilled

—- 35.5 thousand linear kilometers of 2D seismic survey

—- 16 thousand square kilometers of 3D seismic survey

—- 2 thousand kilometers of electric logging

—- 2 thousand geochemical samples

—- 1.4  thousand square kilometers of gravity measurements

Total volume of energy carriers produced within the projects involving Gazprom International Limited amounts to

> 57 bln cubic meters of natural gas

~ 41 mln tons of oil


The company seeks to build integrated gas business chains and develop the production of value-added products as part of developing projects for monetization of produced hydrocarbons, including natural gas vehicle fuel (NGV) and power generation projects.

Gazprom International Limited considers using liquefied natural gas (LNG) as motor fuel in the countries of presence, such as Vietnam, to be the most promising area.

Within its overseas operational strategy, the Company is looking at a number of prospective projects that will expand the boundaries of the Gazprom Group presence and will become a production base for establishing value-added chains.

The Company focuses on Russia’s friendly countries having well established interaction with public authorities and national oil and gas corporations, holding a dialogue in the context of the work of the intergovernmental commissions and the business community of the industry.