Gazprom International Wins the 6th International Corporate Automation Competition: 1C Project of the Year

On October 28, Moscow saw the awards ceremony for the Sixth International Corporate Automation Competition entitled 1C:Project of the Year 2021–2022 held within the framework of the 1C:ERP business-forum devoted to the implementation and development of «1C” solutions and services for corporate market, large and medium-sized enterprises.

Gazprom International won the competition in the Central and Eastern European Region with the project entitled HR Electronic Document Management Legally Relevant for Holding Companies (HR EDM). The project was implemented by a team of experts from various divisions of the Company in order to convert into the electronic form all regulatory, reference and other types of documents.

A team of six employees of the Company received the award for the HR EDM project in a formal atmosphere.

«The main objective of our project is to optimize business processes, we will not stop there and will continue to develop new functionality and technical capabilities of our project» — said the team member Egor Sokolov, Head of the Automated Management Systems Division of the Company's Branch Office in St Petersburg.

The victory in the competition is a well-deserved recognition of the precise scientific rationale and successful practical application of the HR EDM project, and is an objective confirmation of the high qualifications of the Gazprom International employees.

The significance of the HR EDM project

During the Covid-19 pandemic, technological, organizational and infrastructural constraints became acute, normal employee access to corporate document repositories was disrupted, and there was an urgent need to provide electronic human resources document flow between the Company and its employees.

On April 24, 2020, Federal Law No. 122-FZ «On Conducting an Experiment on the Use of Electronic Work-Related Documents» was adopted. The goals of the experiment were to determine and create conditions for the use of electronic documents (EDs) in the sphere of labor relations, including the exchange of information in the form of EDs related to work between the employer, the employee and the person entering employment.

Without waiting for the end of the experiment and amendments to the Labor Code of the Russian Federation, the Company formed a team of experts from the Legal Department, IT Department and HR Department, which proceeded with the scientific rationale and practical implementation of the HR EDM functions. The group of experts worked through the issues of HR EDM implementation in the Company (in particular, what types of HR documents can be introduced using electronic signatures (ES), what risks arise when processing ES, what types of ES are more appropriate for the employer and employees, the procedure for issuing ES (tokens) to employees, regulations of ES storage, procedures for training employees to use ES, etc.). The team of experts completed all tasks in time, and on 15 August 2021 the Company made a decision to put HR EDM into commercial operation based on the results of all successfully completed stages of testing.

The objectives of the HR EDM project

full digital environment of HR records;

transfer of HR records to the electronic form;

— deployment of HR electronic document management services.

Uniqueness and innovation of the HR EDM project

As part of the implementation of the HR EDM project, a unique end-to-end flexible and seamless integration with all major IT systems was performed:

— «1С:Document Management»;

«1С:Accounting CORP»;

АS FEB (based on «1С:Holding Management»);

«1С:Salary and Personnel Management CORP».

Scientific review of the HR EDM project materials

All solutions announced in the HR EDM project have undergone proper scientific review. In the process of implementing the HR EDM project, more than 20 articles were published in peer-reviewed scientific journals from the list approved by the State Commission for Academic Degrees and Titles.

Key achievements of the HR EDM project

The HR EDM project has ensured the following for the group of companies:

the ability to work with automatically processed documents;

the ability to control any stage of document flow;

end-to-end movement of documents regardless of jurisdiction;

implementation of secure gateways for the transfer of legally significant documents to public authorities;

ensuring the specified level of information security, reliability and accessibility at the level of international standards;

the use of qualified electronic signature certificates by employees.

Integration of the national and international requirements in the HR EDM project

As part of the HR EDM project, international experience in the implementation of similar projects was studied, in particular, the European Standard eIDAS (EU Regulation N910/2014) was taken as a basis, which allowed to move to an electronic form of HR records management. A detailed examination showed that most of the available experience in HE records management is reduced to the perception of electronic copies of paper documents as originals. It is necessary to take into account the differences in the European legislation: in some countries, employment contracts can be concluded only with the use of a «live signature».

The outcomes of the HR EDM project

up to 95%of HR records transferred to the electronic form;

226 regulatory documents were developed and revised in the process of digital transformation

in the process of integration with accounting systems, procedures were developed in accordance with the current applicable legislation;

a significant increase in requests from the Company's structural units to convert processes and records management into the electronic form.


Gazprom International Limited is Gazprom’s upstream operator outside Russia involved in hydrocarbon prospecting, exploration and development. The company operates in ten countries on three continents implementing about 20 projects of various scale.