Gazprom International Training Conducts “Super Series” of Webinars

On Thursday, 25 June, Gazprom International Training conducted a webinar entitled “Influencing and Negotiating Skills”; the twentieth webinar provided under the program of support to employees of Gazprom EP International and the Gazprom Group Companies during their remote work.

The “Super Series” of webinars, which started at the end of March this year, seeks to develop soft skills in different areas, such as:

  • Advice on remote work during quarantine

  • Time management

  • Stress management

  • Impact of the current economic and social situation on oil and gas trading, contracts, and regulation of the industry.

  • Future of the world of work, expertise and training (for HR professionals)

  • Intercultural cooperation

  • Block chains

  • Influencing and Negotiating skills

  • Strategies and leadership in the energy business

  • Skills development (for HR professionals)

  • Working together to improve the results (Belbin group roles)

  • Basics of effective negotiations

  • Introduction to the oil and gas sector

  • Safety leadership

To conduct the webinars, GIT used its own resources and involved a number of top-level experts from its consultant pool. Among them were Entrima’s Director Jerry de Leeuw who provides training and development for traders active in the international energy markets, Arno Laeven, an expert in digital strategies and innovations, Anton Martin, a leading industrial expert in commerce, finance, and information management in the oil and gas sector, etc. The webinars were in English, which additionally allowed the audience to practice their language skills.

The webinars saw the active participation of representatives of Gazprom EP International from different parts of the world, including the offices in Russia, Vietnam, Bolivia, Germany, etc.

Executives from Gazprom PJSC, Gazprom Export LLC, Gazprom Marketing & Trading, and other subsidiaries and Group Companies regularly attended the webinars.

“We did our best so that Group employees could benefit from remote work. Switching to webinars allowed Gazprom International Training to come up with a new list of topics and activities, get a much wider geography of operations, and find out what areas are of particular interest to international staff at the Group,” said Rob Veersma, Director of Training & Development at Gazprom International Training.

As the webinars have aroused great interest, GIT will continue with the “Super Series” until the end of 2020 involving consummate consultants and experts in different fields of business and science.

To ensure the programs have more participants, some webinars will be translated simultaneously.