Gazprom International Limited owns 25.01% of O‘ZLITINEFTGAZ. O’ZLITINEFTGAZ is the Industry Research and Design Institute of Uzbekistan, which provides a comprehensive scientific project support of development and construction of hydrocarbon fields and construction of oil and gas industry facilities of Uzbekistan.

The biography of O’ZLITINEFTGAZ is organically bound to historical evolution of oil and gas industry of Central Asia. Its labor team has made a substantial contribution to oil and gas field development in the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Currently O’ZLITINEFTGAZ is a major center that combines high scientific and technological potential and a vast scientific and professional experience in solving the R&D tasks of the oil and gas industry in the Republic.

O’ZLITINEFTGAZ performs R&D works under the international standards that meet the high demands of the customers in compliance with ISO 9001:2000.