Sillimanite project

Sillimanite is a unitized gas field discovered in June 2015. It lies on the continental shelf in the UK and Dutch sectors of the North Sea (D12b, D12a and P2135 licenses), approximately 200 km away from the coast (Den Helder).
Gazprom EP International has working interests in the D12b, D12a (Dutch sector) and P2135 (UK sector) licenses. The joint consortium of the Sillimanite asset: Wintershall Noordzee (WINZ, Operator) — 39.7%, Gazprom EP International B.V. — 19.9%, Neptune — 7.5%, One Dyas — 7.9% and EBN — 25%.
In 2019–2020, the D12-B1 и D12-B2 horizontal production wells were constructed under the project. Since February 2020, the commercial operation of this project has been successfully carried out with a stable gas production.
The produced gas is transported via a 12-km pipeline located in the Dutch territorial waters from where it is delivered via the NGT (Noordgastransport B.V.) pipeline to the inshore transportation network.