Safety at Work

We prioritize the health and safety of workers.

— The Company attaches the utmost importance to preventing injuries and occupational diseases to avoid ill health and mitigate the loss of productivity for staff.

— Safer working environment is created by well-oiled procedures that allow evaluating workplaces, identifying hazards and harms to be acted upon, and keeping the working environment healthy.

— Staff health and welfare are maintained by extensive health-care programs offering medical checkups, treatment and rehabilitation, and corporate sports.

— As shown in its plans, the Company is prepared to respond to any emergencies with all necessary facilities and effects it has in place as well as lessons learned from drills with staff.

— The Company keeps its equipment and facilities in good condition by using quality technical means and conducting regular inspections and maintenance.

— Planning and carrying out any works prioritizes the use of best industry practices while stringently complying with the requirements of public regulators and supervisors subject to the opinions of stakeholders.